Antenna sharing 1) simplifies installation, 2) reduces weight, 3) reduces points of failure, 4) less antenna clutter and 5) enables redundant feedback regarding possible antenna problems. 


Preparing for the possibility of damage to the primary antenna installation, a back-up antenna can be installed in a safer location than the primary antenna (e.g. flush with the deck, mainsheet pod, etc.).  Upon switching to the back-up antenna, the ships entire suite of GPS receivers will have instant access to GPS signals again.



Compatible GPS enabled devices:


· AIS class A and B Transceivers

· GPS from marine manufacturers, e.g. Garmin x76 and x78 handheld plotters and Furuno GP-32

· GPS enhanced IMU

· IstarGPS

· Any coax fed device requiring a GPS RF signal with ~26db gain


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Why Antenna Sharing??

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