HS4 MkII Options


· 4 way Antenna Splitter (3 additional antenna outputs)

· Combo Wifi/GPS, Surface or Pole mount antenna

· MOB button

· MOB alarm


Ethernet Compatible Software


· Expedition - performance sailing package

· MaxSea - navigation package

· Airmail2000 - communications management


HS4 MkII Specifications


Dimensions            3.1-H x  4.73-W x  4.75-D inches

                                   75-H x  120-W x  122-D mm

Weight                      13.2oz   374g

Voltage                     9 - 30Vdc, reverse polarity protected

Power                       .84 watts, 70ma @ 12v

Outputs                    Four EIA-422 compliant NMEA 0183

                                  One 10/100 Ethernet

                                  Four UDP channels, 10 ports each

                                  One USB port (mini USB)

                                  One Time Pulse out

                                  Five digital outputs

Input                         Four EIA-422 compliant NMEA 0183

                                  Five digital inputs

Connectors             (26) Wago Cage Clamp, (1) RJ-45, (1)                                               mini USB, (1) TNC-F, (3) SMA-F (optional)

Receiver Type        L1, C/A Code, 50 Channel WAAS/EGNOS

Update Rate           4hz

Accuracy                 2.5 meter CEP

Speed Res.            0.1 knot typical, .2 knot max

Course Res.           1.0 degree

Sensitivity               -162dBm

Acquisition              120 sec. cold start, 34 sec. warm start

Reacquisition         < 1 second

Antenna Voltage    5Vdc

Barometer               600—1100 millibars

Environmental        IP65

Operating Temp    -10 to 70C  

* Vehicle must be moving at >0.4 Knots.   IstarGPS is not a GPS compass

** The number of listeners driven from a single output port may vary



With MOB active  -  BWC, WPL

HS4 MkII Standard Features


Four independent NMEA0183 RS422 output  ports, individually configurable up to 4hz update rate and 115k baud.  Activity LEDs on all channels


Ethernet interface, for system set-up and broadcast of NMEA data via UDP with compatible software applications, 4 UDP channels, 10 ports each.  Auto-negotiating - no crossover cable needed


Man Overboard triggered by an external button or webpage interface - saves positions and outputs NMEA


MotionSense, ultra-responsive Course-Over-Ground / Speed-Over-Ground data using Doppler from satellites enabling equally responsive Set / Drift calculations


Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and EGNOS position corrections.  IstarGPS is WAAS and EGNOS enabled.


Precision Barometer sensor built in!  Outputs barometric pressure via NMEA and UDP ports.  NMEA XDR sentence.


9 - 30v input voltage range for 12v and 24v systems. 


IP65 waterproof enclosure, IP68 cable entries


Antenna sharing option.  Operate multiple GPS units from a single antenna or easily move all ships GPS to a spare antenna at once


Why MotionSense?  Simply Better!


MotionSense is the result of calculating velocity and direction (COG/SOG) using Doppler of the GPS RF carrier.  MotionSense COG/SOG is precise to within 0.1 knot and responds within 1 second - when applied to vessel speed and heading data, the result is accurate and rapid calculations of Set and Drift (water currents) .


Many marine GPS’s compute COG/SOG by comparison of successive position fixes, resulting in COG/SOG outputs that are noisy and slow to respond which in turn makes Set and Drift calculations difficult to interpret. 


Instant and accurate knowledge of COG/SOG and water currents can be a powerful tool, whether  docking a large vessel, entering an unfamiliar passage  or yacht racing inshore and around the planet.  MotionSense delivers.

Pole mount antenna “-PM” (optional)

1x14 Pipe mount antenna

“-ST” (Standard)

-SM Surface mount antenna


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Surface mount antenna “-SM” (optional)