HS4 MkII- Primary GPS with Digital Barometer

and MotionSense

IstarGPS is specifically designed for  large vessels and performance yachts seeking ultra fast speed and course data with a high performance receiver and the most versatile interfacing on the market.  We also included a precision Barometer sensor, because we can!


IstarGPS uses a cutting edge Ublox 50 channel WAAS/EGNOS GPS chipset which produces speed and course data using MotionSense technology.  MotionSense provides extraordinarily responsive speed-over-ground and course-over-ground data by using Doppler of the satellite carrier wave.


The HS4 MkII is part of a new generation of high correlator super sensitive receivers.   Excellent reception in the worst conditions (or antenna locations).

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NEWS: *Combo WIFI / GPS antenna and *Man Overboard alarm output—drive a light, buzzer, etc.

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The HS4 MkII is the heart of your position data distribution. With four independent NMEA output ports and a USB port, there is no need for external amplifiers - drive 12 or more listeners directly at bauds to 115k.  IstarGPS also broadcasts NMEA data via Ethernet UDP - up to 40 ports!  Compatible PC applications no longer need NMEA data on a USB or serial port!